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Don't cry for me, NVIDIA: Jen-Hsun Huang announces that his company will abandon chipset business

Are you sitting? thymus: according to X-bit labs, NVIDIA has officially announced that it will abandon the chipsets and focus on producing systems on a chip (SoCs, like the Tegra platform). That is, goodbye Macs with NVIDIA integrated graphics!

MacBook with NVIDIA graphics

?On the AMD side, our chipset remains very well positioned, ?Huang reportedly said. ?I imagine that our chipset l continue to be produced over the next year. The second point is MCP89, the most recent and also the last generation of chipsets The Intel we built was just a wonderful engineering feat, and our work with Apple was great, and they will continue to use it for some time. So, I think our exit will take a little longer than people expected. But I don't know exactly how much. ?

Now that I've finished singing "Jesus of Suburbia" from start to finish in a paper bag, let's look at the possibilities for the future: or the rumor that Apple will adopt Intel's integrated graphics Sandy Bridge, may end coming true, or, as Huang hinted, smaller MacBooks will continue with Core 2 Duo processors and NVIDIA integrated graphics for another generation. At least Macs with dedicated GPUs will not suffer from the same illness.

(via MacRumors)