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Check out free or discounted game titles to ward off boredom at home

Enjoy the quarantine period with great free and promo games

With all the chaos in the world caused by the new pandemic COVID-19 coronavirus, many companies are offering their services and products with reduced prices or even in a way free. Thinking that way, why not take advantage of these quarantine times and play some games?

In this article we bring together the main titles of various platforms that are heavily discounted on their titles, or that are even being made available free of charge.

Alto?s Adventure and Alto?s Odyssey

Thinking about how difficult it can be to deal with social isolation at this time of crisis, the creator of Alto?s Adventure and Alto?s Odyssey is offering both games free of charge to Android and iOS.

Character sliding through a surreal setting in one of the free gamesHelp Alto to cross fantastic worlds in one of the best free games for mobile platforms

Both games are of the endless runner style of snowboarding, with the character constantly sliding from left to right on the screen and having to overcome several obstacles. Even with all the challenges, Alto's journey is an incredibly beautiful and relaxing experience.

Altos Adventure: App Store (free), Google Play (free)

High Odyssey: App Store (free), Google Play (free)

PlayStation Store Mega Promotion from March

Ps4 owners have until March 30 to enjoy a mega promotion on PlayStation Store! There are several titles with generous discounts of up to 54% in the online games store. Highlights go to Resident Evil 2 Remake (R $ 80.80), Borderlands 3 (R $ 166.45), GTA V (R $ 74.95), Doom (R $ 35.75), Layers of Fear + observer_ Bundle (R $ 35.87), Journey (R $ 16.79), The Last Guardian (R $ 35.95), among others.

Check out free or discounted game titles to scare boredom at homeThe March promotion on PlayStation Store offers several games at attractive prices

Goat of Duty

When you think of a multiplayer shooter, games that can normally come to your mind are just anyone in the series Battlefield or Call of Duty, the same? However, sometimes fighting human beings can be tiring and repetitive. How about changing the experience a little and putting a bunch of homicidal goats in the place of soldiers and combatants?

Goats during combat in the game Goat of DutyReady to tackle some moody goats?

Goat of Duty is a multiplayer shooter with a frenetic pace that puts the player in the skin of a goat. surreal and fun at the same time, in a mixture of creativity and what will surely surprise you.

You can access the game through Steam, for free.

Mini Metro

Even if it is not a good idea to use public transport at the moment, the Mini Metro it is a game that can fill the void in this very important part of many people's daily lives. The game is a puzzle strategy game in which your goal is to build a rail network suitable for your city, which is continually increasing in population.

Mini Metro subway mapMini Metro a very interesting strategy game

You can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play

Treasure Adventure Game

With this quarantine period it is difficult to go out into the street and enjoy Mother Nature. However, the Treasure Adventure Game can be a great option for exploring a virtual environment. Inspired by classic games, it is a 2D platform game in the open world, where you venture around the world, performing missions and finding treasures. Your equipment? Just a hat, a parrot and a boat that appears instantly after contact with the water.

Sea, islands, treasures and pirates in the gameTreasure Adventure Game a simple and fun game to relax

You can access the GOG and redeem the game completely for free!

Capcom Mega Bundle

The Humble Bundle is one of the best services for those looking for games at a low price and, in addition, wants to contribute by helping some charity. The main offer of the platform at the moment is a package of excellent games from Capcom. Paying 1 dollar or more you get the basic package with Strider, Mega Man Legacy Collection, Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Episode 1) and the DLC for all Resident Evil 2 Remake rewards.

Games offered in the Capcom game packThe Capcom game pack from the Humble Bundle has games for every taste

However, if you are willing to invest more you can pay 20 dollars or more and also take Mega Man X Legacy Collection, Resident Evil 0 Remaster, Resident Evil Revelations, The Complete Season of Resident Evil Revelations 2, 50% discount on Resident Evil 2 Remake and Devil May Cry 5, Mega Man 11, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil HD Remaster and Dead Rising 4.

Please note that all games in this Capcom bundle of the Humble Bundle are only for PC (Steam)!

Life is Strange

As its name says, Life is Strange is a strange game, but one that offers a unique narrative experience to any player. In addition to the engaging story, you will fall in love with the characters and the soundtrack that captures the right emotion during certain parts of the game.

Max character taking a selfie in front of his schoolFollow the surreal history of Max and his friends in Life is Strange

This point n ?click adventure divided into 6 episodes can be purchased at the Microsoft Store for PC and Xbox One for around R $ 20.00! If you want a taste of the adventure, you can try the first episode, because it is free!

Super Bit Blaster XL

There are a ton of games that try to recover the classic 80s arcade aesthetic, and the Super Bit Blaster XL perfectly revives the charm of this decade for modern games. It was released a few years ago as Bit Blaster XL, however, Super Bit Blaster XL was released this year and a definitive version that includes an overhaul of the game's controls and features multiplayer mode.

Space battleshipsIf you like games with old arcade style, Super Bit Blaster XL is a great option

You can get the game on sale at Nintendo eShop and Steam for 11 reais.

the Sims 4

Last month The Sims celebrated their 20th anniversary. And, over the past 20 years, The Sims has been adored by many thanks to its relaxed and open gameplay. You can create your own stories and tell how your Sims live their lives. You can create families, fall in love, among other things. Along with the base game, EA launched a series of expansion packs that offer new content, from in-game items to new careers, and even pets for your Sims.

Family interacting in the backyard in The Sims 4Create your own family in The Sims 4

You can get the game on sale at the Microsoft Store (R $ 50.00) or at Origin (R $ 25.00).

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Nintendo games rarely earn discounts. To give you an idea, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the launch game for Nintendo Switch in 2017 and, to this day, continues to be sold at full price: around 250 reais! So when a promotion appears on Nintendo's catalog, enjoy it while you can!

Game characters posing for a photoWho knew joining Mario and Rabbids in a strategy game would work so well?

Ubisoft's tactical role-playing game, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, is currently available with a discount. Who would have thought there would be an XCOM-style game featuring characters from Super Mario and Raving Rabbids, exclusive to Nintendo Switch? Yes, the strange game in concept, but very good. You can purchase the game on the Nintendo eShop for about 68 reais!

Space Junkies

While Half-Life: Alyx – the next big VR game to be released – not enough to quell the anxiety of fans who have been waiting for years for a new title in the series, how about trying Space Junkies? The game is a VR shooting adventure with a frenetic pace that resembles classic games like Halo and Quake. For those who like to be able to shoot everywhere and customize their weaponry however they want, this title is a great option. The game is on sale on Steam for $ 25.00.

The Stanley Parable and Watch Dogs

Every month the Epic Store offers two games completely free of charge to its users. The online game store is currently one of the main rivals of the giant Steam. The current ball has two unique games: The Stanley Parable and Watch Dogs. While the first is a first-person adventure that challenges the game narrative concept, the second title is an action-packed and emotional experience as a hacker who manages to control all of Chicago's equipment in the palm of his hand with his smartphone.

Aiden Pierce covering his face to hack devicesAiden Pierce a hacker highly specialized in controlling devices and breaking into networks


Here we have a game that doesn?t want to take itself seriously, but that?s why it?s still fun and creative. Pikuniku is a colorful adventure that puts the player in control of a bizarre but friendly creature that needs to help the villagers to get rid of an unscrupulous president of an industry that only wants to cause problems for the place.

Pikuniku characters in a chatting settingPikuniku an adventure that will get a good laugh

The game is available for the Nintendo Switch on Nintendo eShop for just 1 dollar!

Demo of Resident Evil 3 and Open Beta of Project Resistance

The last good news is that, until April 3 does not arrive, fans of the Resident Evil series can experience a demo of Resident Evil 3 which is now available for all consoles and PCs! In addition, the open beta version of the game's online multiplayer mode, Project Resistance, is scheduled to be released on March 27.

Jill facing Nemesis in the game demoReady to face the terrible Nemesis?

More free games

Due to the critical situation we are facing because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus COVID-19, this list of free games and discounts can be updated at any time, so stay tuned!