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Beats 1 is considered the “biggest radio station in the world” by Apple executives

Executives of Apple Music they are always appearing in the media talking proudly about service and the way they work with music. This time, Jimmy Iovine, Larry Jackson, Robert Kondrk and Zane Lowe talked to The Verge on the great success of the radio station Beats 1, as well as the artist Drake, which has been revealing great numbers.

The latest album from rapper Canadian, "More Life", was released on March 18 this year and broke the Apple Music record, being played 89.9 million times in just 24 hours after a week, the number jumped to 300 million!

The album is not exclusive to the streaming Ma's musical like the previous one, "Views", which achieved 260 million, which makes the numbers even more expressive by the fact that Spotify has achieved less reproductions, even though it has a larger user base. And, according to Ma executives, the success of rapper was due to his great collaboration with Apple on Beats 1 radio and his program OVO Sound Radio.

What we saw on Drake's radio show were TV numbers. We learned a lot by creating what Drake needed. He came up with the idea, we just created and supported him, and we learned a lot from it, as did the entire industry.

Jimmy Iovine, one of the heads of Apple Music.

For this and other reasons, Jackson, director of the service's original content, said that Beats 1 is the ?largest radio station in the world?, highlighting the fact that there is no other with so many active listeners simultaneously.

J Kondrk compared the relationship between Apple Music and Beats 1 with an amusement park: once users enter the app to listen to the radio, ?it is natural that they stay there to listen to the next songs?.

The entire interview, in detail, is available in English The Verge interested, it is worth checking.