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Backing up with a Macintosh Plus changes the concept of “Time Machine”

Machintosh Plus transformed into serverHow about putting your Time Machine to work with something that appears to have come straight from Apple's distant past? One of the readers of Macenstein had an interesting idea and used a Macintosh Plus housing to install six hard drives (with a total of 2.3TB) and an Intel Atom motherboard, creating on a complete server.

As there was not much space left for a screen, he placed a 10-inch digital picture frame and, when he needs to view something directly, he uses a VGA output. Yes, it has several outlets and even fans to keep all the components always fresh: to see how the "art" was inside, just click on the image on the side.

Now that the Macintosh Plus has already become Cube G4, DJ helmet and server, what's left to do with it?

(via MacStories)