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Application that manages the use of graphics chipsets in MacBooks Pro gets an update

It's been many months since we spoke here on the website about the gfxCardStatus application, from the developer Cody Krieger, and since then it has evolved a lot. Last week its version 2.0 was released, the most significant update so far.

gfxCardStatus on Mac OS X

The gfxCardStatus preference system has been completely reorganized, it is now translated into Portuguese (among other languages), corrects the look of the icons in the menu bar, alerts about misuse of the app on unsupported machines and brings several other improvements and bug fixes.

The app is great for those who want to have control over which chipset to use in recent MacBooks Pro, which have both dedicated graphics (performance weight) and shared graphics (longer battery life).

GfxCardStatus requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher and costs absolutely nothing (ZIP; 614KB).

(tip from Leandro Pippa)