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Apple's $ 3.9 billion investment will serve to secure LCDs, says analyst

Since Apple hardly reveals the goals that motivate it to spend money, announcing an investment of almost $ 4 billion this week has made many people keep the flea behind their ears. Several suggestions have already been made about the fate of so much money, but, as the days go by, more specialists are joining the possibility of being a contract for obtaining LCDs.

iPad and iPhone 4 without button HomeFuture iPhones and iPads will use the same LCD technology and will not have the Home button, according to rumors

According to Katy Huberty, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, the purpose of such a high investment would be to ensure that these components are not missing from production lines, something that hurt Apple's major global launches last year, such as the iPad. The product was launched in April, but it was difficult to guarantee screens for its large-scale production and this made it difficult to become popular around the world, we were only able to see it in Brazilian stores just days before Christmas, for example.

For 2011, Apple has two challenges with regard to LCDs: it is not just about maintaining inventories, but producing them with high technology. The high-resolution standard (Retina) was introduced with the iPhone 4 and is currently also used on the iPod touch, which is more difficult to produce, requiring large investments to obtain large quantities of screens.

Huberty believes that with $ 3.9 billion, it will be possible to get 100 million screens for iPhones or 40 million for iPads, already with touch and gesture recognition sensors that are what make the difference in Apple products. The possibility of all of this being sold to the market in two years is debatable, but it is already possible to build a good stock for the future.

(via AppleInsider)