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Apple starts online sales of iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) RED and the new 9.7-inch iPad

Announced last Tuesday, the iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition is the new 9.7-inch iPad the first in Brazil are now available for purchase online, inclusive, although with a shipping period between 7-10 working days.

IPhone 7 (PRODUCT) RED case with white background

The (PRODUCT) RED version of the iPhones 7/7 Plus has no technical characteristics other than those we already know, only the external color that changes even red at the rear, white at the front. Even the prices are the same: R $ 3,899 for the 128GB version, R $ 4,299 for the 256GB ($ 749 and $ 849, respectively, in the United States) for the iPhone 7; R $ 4,499 for 128GB and R $ 4,899 for 256GB, the case of the iPhone 7 Plus ($ 869 and $ 969, respectively, in the US). They will not be sold in the 32GB version, as with the glossy black color (jet black).

The new 9.7-inch iPad, in turn, should only arrive in Brazil in May.

New 9.7-inch iPads

Still, his page on the Brazilian Apple website is already on the air with official prices: R $ 2,499 by the 32GB Wi-Fi model, R $ 3,199 via 32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular. The 128GB versions will cost R $ 500 more each. In the US, the 32GB Wi-Fi version costs $ 329 and the Wi-Fi + Cellular version, $ 459. 128GB models cost $ 100 more each.

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