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Apple seeks professionals with NFC experience for testing in the iPhone hardware division

Finally, an analyst forecast seems to have come true: Apple recently opened a vacancy for iPhone hardware testing engineer, focusing on short-range communications equipment. Although there are other requirements in the advertisement, it is likely that the professional will dedicate himself to an implementation of NFC technologies in future generations of smartphones and others iGadgets.

iPhone 4 lying on its side

Two other job openings still show interest in new payment solutions, an area where Apple must have concentrated a good part of its investments in research for NFC hardware, considering that the history of iPhones parasitizing Macs is still just a rumor. The reason for so much attention in this area probably involves making your gadgets capable of processing digital payments without the need for credit cards, giving rise to an official company service in the area of ??finance.

Currently, Apple operates one of the largest user networks for digital purchases on the planet: the number of AppleIDs with associated credit cards is already close to 200 million. Combining this with NFC technology on board iPhones, Ma could make a very interesting and commercially meaningful sense for all these registrations in its possession.