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Apple Music paid Chance The Rapper half a million dollars for two weeks of album exclusivity

The comings and goings of the phonographic industry's relationship with streaming they are a frequent topic in the technological community, but we rarely have the opportunity to take such an enlightening look at these hidden dynamics. Today is the day of one of these chances (no pun intended, please), thanks to a series of tweets from musician Chance the Rapper that reveal the machinations behind an agreement made with the Apple Music for the temporary exclusivity of its mixtape last.

Chance The Rapper

Chance, a musician on the rise who won the Grammy for "Best New Artist" this year, known for his independence, rejecting millionaire contracts from record labels and launching his own productions on the internet, usually for free.

Considering this fact, many fans were surprised when their mixtape most recent, called Coloring Book, was announced as exclusive to Apple Music entitled to a commercial starring the rapper for two weeks before wide availability. Would another free soul have surrendered to the clutches of big capital? What to believe now?

Due to the concern and questions of the fan base, Chance went to Twitter to provide some clarifications and to which we began to understand Apple's relationship with independent, new and potential artists.

I want to clarify things. @Apple gave me half a million (dollars) and a commercial for me to publish Coloring Book exclusively on Apple Music for two weeks.

This was the length of my contract; after two weeks he was already on SoundCloud for free. I needed the money and they (Apple) are all good people.

In my view, artists can gain a lot from the war on streaming, as long as they remain in control of your product.

If you have the opportunity to work with good people, earn money and maintain your integrity, I say: go ahead.

Chance's justification is perfectly fair, understandable and, in my opinion, in no way undermines his status as an ultra-independent artist. Not to mention that the agreement with Apple Music helped the musician to achieve a notable distinction: Coloring Book became the first album available only in streaming in the history to appear in the charts of Billboard 200, where it reached an impressive eighth place.

On the Apple side, the deal also seems to have been quite positive, attracting a name once considered impossible for its music service and adding respect to its stature among players in the disputed segment of streaming. As Apple Music chief Jimmy Iovine said in an interview with The New York Times:

It was not because of us that Chance the Rapper decided not to sign with a record label he decided that a long time ago. We are just a distribution platform and he has chosen us, thankfully, instead of everyone else. () I think Chance feels that we have met his expectations and will do even better next time.

In addition, the $ 500,000 spent on Chance the Rapper seems like a change compared to the $ 20 million supposedly paid by Cupertino for an exclusive contract with Drake which, incidentally, can already be called "the official guy" of Apple Music.

(via Engadget)