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Apple Music leads the ranking of unique users per month; Spotify strikes back with new “Traffic Jam” series

* For now *, the largest base of paying users on a service streaming musical still the Spotify, with 50 million subscribers. Much younger and growing rapidly, we have the Apple Music, with a base of 20 million. So far, nothing new for us. However, as research by Verto, Ma's service topped the list of single users per month.

Apple Music Verto anliseClick / tap to enlarge.

The list above shows the count of unique users per month. That is, instead of counting all the reproductions made by all users, it was taken into account how many users use the service per month during February 2017, in the United States. Apple Music came first, with 40.7 million of single users per month; The most interesting thing is that the number represents only the use of the service on mobile devices, that is, disregarding those who use Apple Music on Macs and Apple TVs, for example, so the official number may be even higher.

Returning to research, Pandora, which recently launched a subscription model premium, came in second, with 32.6 million unique users per month. Strangely, Spotify came in third with 30.4 million and then we see iHeartRadio (28.5 million) and SoundCloud (25.7 million). Unlike Apple's service, in all of these the user base was counted on both mobile devices and computers.

According to Verto, the large number of Apple Music may be due to the first three free months provided by the company to new users, not to mention that the 20 million user base must already have risen today, too. Even though Spotify offers a free month, the extended period of Ma's service ends up causing the number of unique users per month to almost double.

In the same survey, it was found that the platform most used by users for playing music is the smartphone, ranging from 46% to 78% depending on the time of day; then, we see computers (between 11% to 39%) and tablets (between 5% to 21%).

Spotify vs. Apple Music

The war of streaming musical has already become almost comic. That is, Apple is trying so hard to stay ahead that it has already announced several exclusive content for its platform, such as the various documentaries ("808", "The Score", among others), his first reality show and also the success series ?Carpool Karaoke?.

The ?magic? factor is concentrated in the fact that they are amazed, gentlemen Spotify has also announced a new series for subscribers of its platform, and it will be called "Traffic Jam" (?Bottling?). several rappers and hip-hop producers will be inside a car and unlike ?Carpool Karaoke? they will * create * new music, a completely original content that will be presented to an audience at the end of the program.

The presenter will be the comedian DoBoy, who will be the driver of the vehicle while the guests produce their content. From April 4 (Tuesday), the service will provide one episode per week for eight weeks; guests will be T-Pain & Southside (4/4), D.R.A.M. & MeLo-X (11/4), Joey Bada $$ & Cardo (18/4), Pell &! Llmind (25/4), Jidenna & Sonny Digital (2/5), Madeintyo & AarabMuzik (9/5) , Dae Dae & Marvel Alexander (16/5) and E-40 & Willie B (23/5).

Where does this "fight" go? Stay tuned for scenes from the next chapters. ?

(via TechCrunch, MacRumors)