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Apple may postpone launch of new iPhone due to coronavirus

Since 2007, every year like this: in the first half of September, the Apple announces a new version of iPhone. But it could be that this year is different: because of the coronavirus, the manufacturer is seriously considering postponing the launch of its smartphone by a few months. which published on Wednesday, 25, the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, citing a report with sources close to Apple.

Two are the main obstacles, in the vision of the company led by Tim Cook, to launch a new device in September. The first is Apple's own supply and production chain, which is highly dependent on the Chinese industry. Epicenter of the coronavirus, the Asian country is only beginning to end measures of suppression in the fight against the virus, so that the pace of production may not be sufficient to meet the demand of the American until the beginning of the second semester.

What will tomorrow look like ?: iPhone 2020 may have some interesting features

What will tomorrow look like ?: iPhone 2020 may have some interesting features

In addition, with the coronavirus affecting economic activity worldwide, there are strong signs that there will be a global recession and, consequently, fewer consumers with pocket money excited to exchange their cell phone for a new iPhone. It is worth remembering that, in recent years, the cheapest iPhone has cost less than US $ 700, while some models go over US $ 1,000.

It is still unclear, however, whether Apple will even postpone the launch or how long the company will 'jump in' with the new iPhone. It is a sample, however, of how the coronavirus has affected business. Despite having diversified in recent years, the largest company in the world still has most of its revenue from iPhone sales, and the launch of a model in 2020 could jeopardize its performance in the season. Above all, the 2020 iPhone is a highly anticipated model as it should be the company's first device that would have 5G modem, with compatible fifth generation mobile connectivity.