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Apple marks the opening of the iOS App Development Center in Naples for October

In January, Apple announced that it would open its first IOS App Development Center in Npoles (Italy), but didn?t give many details in relation to the subject. Now, we already have a good idea of ??what and when the whole thing is going to happen: Ma has just announced a partnership with University of Naples Federico II, where the program that, in the meantime, has been renamed ?IOS Developer Academy? (?IOS Developer Academy?) happen from October this year.

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Speaking to the German website Macerkopf, Apple's chief financial officer (CFO) Luca Maestri said:

We are very excited to be working with the University of Naples Federico II to launch the first iOS Developer Academy in Europe. Some of the most creative developers in the world come from Europe, and we are confident that this center will help the next generation of them get the skills they need to succeed.

The course will last for nine months and will take place on the new campus of the University in San Giovanni a Teduccio (coastal suburb of Naples), in a facility full of Apple equipment built especially for the program. The first part will be entirely dedicated to learning iOS application coding, while the second will expand into the areas of design and training. startups.

In total there will be more than 200 students who will pass the course, and it is possible to apply for the program on the university's website. Candidates must take an online test in English or Italian, and those who pass will have to face an interview phase before choosing the lucky ones who will enter the course. The site is also accepting applications from teachers interested in teaching in the program.

Apple promised in the January announcement that it would expand this program to other countries around the world. Here we don't have exactly something like that, but luckily we already have BEPiD (Brazilian Education Program for iOS Development).

(via AppleInsider)