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Apple expands its list of component suppliers for iPad 2 and iPhone 5

Pster Exploded PadNew reports from DigiTimes address rumors about future Apple releases. The first one says that the list of suppliers of printed circuit boards for the iPad 2 would have grown considerably. Now, in addition to Ibiden, Tripod Technology and TTM Technologies, the companies Compeq Manufacturing, Gold Circuit Electronics (GCE), Meiko and Nan Ya PCB will start sending batches throughout February and March, to start mass production from Of april.

Industry analysts predicted a shortage of these components in early 2011, given the increasingly common use of them in tablets and smartphones. One of the problems that would have affected printed circuit supplies would be the yield of producing boards with four or more layers and complex circuit designs.

Another report by DigiTimes account that Foxconn Electronics, Foxlink, Gold Circuit Electronics (GCE) and Epistar were added as component suppliers for the iPhone 5, whose launch should occur in the summer of the Northern Hemisphere. Foxconn is expected to take Foster's place as the headphone maker, given that the Japanese yen outlook would have led Ma to look for less costly alternatives.

In view of the problems to meet demand for the iPad and the statement by Tim Cook during the results conference this Tuesday, saying that the iPhone 4 would have even more sales, if it were possible to manufacture it in greater quantity, natural than Apple is looking to ensure as many suppliers as possible as soon as possible.