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Apple adds Flyover feature to 29 new cities; traffic and transit information also expands

The long and winding road that Apple takes slowly and steadily to expand the services of its Maps has just been overcome by a few more meters.

Apple Maps / Maps on iPhones

As we can see on the page that reports the coverage of the various features of Maps (and iOS in general), 29 cities are now covered by the fun Flyover, several of them in the United States, such as Tallahassee (Florida) and Rochester (New York), but also international locations like Npoles (Italy), Leipzig (Germany) and, to Chaves' happiness, Acapulco (Mexico).

In addition, traffic data has been added to Chile, Hungary and Vatican City; Meanwhile, three other American cities have gained support for the public transport tool: Atlanta, Denver and Miami.

To top it off, Apple recently announced that Japan will receive public transport information with the arrival of iOS 10. The information was released on the Apple website in the Land of the Rising Sun dedicated to system updates.

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In time: for all those who, like me, are wondering why Apple took so long to add support for public transport to new cities, the AppleInsider published a very complete article citing the various reasons for this, including Ma's heretical work in registering and mapping each station on each transport line in the new cities.

It is worth checking.

(via MacRumors)