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App Store gains special section for independent games; launch promotion brings titles to $ 1

When we talked about Apple's relationship with games a few weeks ago, we recognized that the company has improved in encouraging game developers. And to reinforce this further, it has given greater attention to games indie (independent) since 9/3, when he decided to ?celebrate? this type of game by highlighting them on the App Store.

The initiative seems to have worked so well that, instead of just removing the specific area for the titles indie, she decided to make them have a captive spot for there.

Did you love the games we starred in? Starting today, we will have a permanent location on the App Store for independent games only.

From now on, this specific area will highlight daily games whose creation comes from ?small teams, self-funded and published independently?. This, several free games, paid, old or new. It sounds like a small gesture, but for developers, it will certainly help to publicize their projects much more effectively.

This section also appears on the tvOS App Store; already on the Mac App Store, despite not having the same prominence, a few titles are also highlighted below the description ?discover games indie?There is no certainty, however, that it will remain just like in the iOS App Store.

So, if you like games and, more specifically, the type indie, you can still can still enjoy the games below for $ 1 at 3/20!

Prune app icon

Botanicula app icon

The Room Two app icon

Sorcery app icon! 3

Bean Dreams app icon

Bicolor app icon

Surgeon Simulator app icon

Spider 2 app icon - GameClub

VVVVVV app icon

Road Not Taken app icon

(via MacStories)