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Annual responsibility report with Apple suppliers shows progress in several areas

For some time now, Apple has an annual habit of releasing a responsibility report and supplier relations, mainly to highlight progress in the labor and environmental areas. This year, of course, could not be otherwise; For this reason, Ma updated its page on the subject today with the latest statistics and highlights on the subject.

Employed at an Apple supplier, 2017

In the new text published on the page, Apple says:

Our suppliers employ millions of people around the world. The decisions we make can have a big impact on their lives and their communities. We have a great responsibility to protect the rights of everyone in our supply chain and do everything we can to preserve the fragile environment of our planet. that's why we care about every detail of how we build our products; That is why we invest in education and training to promote opportunities and tools that help employees of our suppliers today and in the future.

In the report, Apple gives great prominence to the progress in the labor relations of its suppliers with its staff, which is at least understandable, considering that much of the supply chain of Ma comes from Asia, where the problems of overexploitation and even the same work analogous to slavery is common. Therefore, it is worth noting that the respect for suppliers to the limit of 60 hours of work per week has grown to the highest level in the history of Ma, with 98% employees within this limit.

Going to the environmental area, Apple also announced that it has managed to triple the number of suppliers within its energy efficiency program, reducing by about 150,000 tons its annual carbon emissions; in good Portuguese, this is the equivalent of taking 31,000 cars off the road in one year. Impressive, as well as the fact that Ma managed to save more than 14 billion liters of water with the program Clean Water.

Finally, Tim Cook and his group highlight the continued commitment to reduce conflicts over minerals in African lands. For the second year in a row, Apple's supply of tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold comes from partners involved in independent audits, responsible for maintaining relationships only with conflict-free refineries and without exploitation by workers. And, for the first time in 2017, cobalt also entered this list of ?clean? metals obtained by Ma.

Other highlights of Apple's good year with its suppliers can be seen in the new PDF published today, which also brings a series of in-depth analyzes on the topic.

(via 9to5Mac)