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Analysts predict that the COVID-19 pandemic will delay the launch of the new iPhone 12

COVID-19 is having a profound impact on the economy sector. Although it still has some difficulties with the route at the Trillion Dollar Club, Apple is one of the technological giants that has been suffering the negative consequences of the pandemic. A group of analysts at the US bank JPMorgan predict that, given the measures put in place to try to stop the spread of the disease, the launch of the new iPhone 12 could be delayed for a month or two.

According to a note sent to the international press, experts estimate that the delay will not last more than three months. One of the factors that may cause the launch of the new Apple smartphone, with support for 5G, to delay the development of the fifth generation mobile network in the United States, due to the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, elucidate the analysts.

Travel restrictions may cause delays when it comes to the smartphone's initial testing phase. Bloomberg advances that Apple may have difficulty sending specialized teams to Chinese factories to address the design of the new equipment and possible technical problems it may have.

Previously, analysts had predicted that Apple would be one of the tech giants most affected in a pandemic scenario. China plays an important role in the apple company's production chain. Apple even closed the doors of its stores in China, but all the company's logistics have been affected. Although the factories have resumed operations, they are far from operating at 100%. In addition, a large part of its revenue comes from the Chinese market.

As far as the new iPhone 12 is concerned, in addition to supporting fifth generation mobile network, the smartphone is expected to have cameras similar to the new iPad Pro, as well as a new design. Rumors are also circulating that Apple could keep it out of the folding screen trend.