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After years, iPhone will finally be officially sold again in Argentina

Not all of you should know, but our brothers they haven't been able to buy iPhones officially in Argentina since 2009. At that time, then President Cristina Elisabet Fernndez de Kirchner established a rule that forced smartphone manufacturers to produce everything locally or, then, to leave the Argentine market. Samsung, for example, chose to produce some devices there; Apple jumped out. As a result, for eight years no one has found a single iPhone being sold at least unofficially by operators Telefnica, Amrica Mvil and Telecom Argentina.

Now, as informed by the Bloomberg, current president Mauricio Macri decided open the market again, allowing companies like Apple to re-sell devices in the country even without a local factory. Of course, not everything is just flowers: there will obviously be a good import rate for these products, which, according to the matter, will cause imported devices to cost about 25% more than those with local production.

But as we know that price for Apple devices at least here below the equator is not something that follows a common rule, operators are targeting those customers who don't bother paying a little more to have these products. And, for those who call, the option of parceling out until you lose sight of it.

It is difficult to explain how happy I am. I am already receiving new ones (iPhones) for sale and at the same time receiving reservations from customers who still do not know the final price (of the device).

The above statement is from Hector Goldin, owner of an Apple reseller in Buenos Aires who has not sold iPhones in seven years. His store, the Maxim Store, will sell the five iPhone models currently available (6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7 and 7 Plus) as of April 7. Goldin predicts that queues will form even without staff knowing exactly how much each model will cost. One thing for sure: they will be expensive. Possibly double what they cost in the United States today.

Adding that to the fact that Apple can open its first store in the country, maybe things will soon start to improve around there

(tip from "Craig Federighi")