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★ Review: iMyfone Umate app for Mac promises to free up many gigabytes of free space on your iPhone or iPad

Ah, space. The magic word for owners of smartphones and tablets around the world, especially those who have fallen into the ?low cost? trap of Apple and are stuck with a mere 16GB iPhone or iPad (or worse yet, 8GB) in the middle of 2016. Tips and supposed magic tricks to free up space in your iGadgets there are spurts on the internet; most of them are useless, bring nothing new or may even pose a danger to pets.

O iMyfone Umate, from the homonymous developer, not at all. It is an application for Mac or Windows with a series of very useful options, a very easy to use interface and fast and simple operation, everything dedicated to the noble task of freeing up space on your device through the search for useless, old and spacious files.

I've been testing the iMyfone Umate for the past few days with a second generation iPhone 5c and iPad mini, both 16GB, and I'm happy to report that my experience with the software has been extremely positive.

iMyfone Umate, for Mac

As I said, the application's operation couldn't be simpler. A left bar divides the app into sections Home, Trash files, Temporary files, Photos, Large files and Applications. It is good to note that the application supports only the Portuguese of Portugal, which is not a problem problem finding the place where the option to change the language is hidden, since it comes by default in English. Spoiler: is in the menu "Help", the last place to look. The developers claim that in a next version, the software will detect the language of the Mac and change everything automatically.

The entire process of freeing space from the iPhone or iPad in question can be performed simply on the tab Home. First, she asks you to connect the iGadget on the computer, and when you do that, the software shows a fast, free and busy space statistics. Just click the button ?Quick search? so that the program begins to search the internal memory of the device and we continue to the next step.

Once the search is over, which, at least in my case, did not last even two minutes, the program shows a table with the total space that can be released on your device, breaking everything in the sections numbered above. From there, it is possible to exit from tab to tab by cleaning the device, first deleting the useless files (data from cache, fault reports, Cookies and other types of data) and temporary. The best part of all this is that the user has a granular control of what he will or will not erase from the device if I wanted to keep, for example, the cache of my photos, it would stay there intact.

Then, it's time to pay attention to the photos, which are definitely one of the aspects that most cause problems in the internal space of a device in these times of superpowered cameras. This, for me, the killer-feature software: it takes all the photos from the Camera Roll and compresses them, saving the original versions in a folder on the computer.

In my tests, an 8 megapixel image (3264 × 2448 pixels) captured by the iPhone 5c, weighing 1.5MB, was compressed to 1.9 megapixel (1632 × 1224 pixels), weighing a mere 453KB. An image with more than enough quality to be shared on social media, and the original version saved on Mac without any work. Point to the application. It is also possible to open the Camera Roll in the software itself and select bad / unwanted photos to be summarily deleted, if the user so wishes.


Click / tap on the screenshots to enlarge them.

The next step is to analyze the large files that are taking up a lot of space on your iPhone / iPad. By large files, we understand videos with more than 5MB: the program searches through all of them present in the device no matter if they were recorded on it or simply received from the internet and gives the user the option to mark those he wants to delete. As usual, the file will be saved on the computer before being deleted from the mobile device. Note: when performing a scan on the iPad in the tab "Large files", the program took forever more than an hour to return the results of the device. Initially I thought it was normal, but I restarted the app and redid the scan, which this time lasted a mere 30 seconds. Small flaw, but nothing very important.

Finally, the app shows a list of all the applications installed on the device, in order of size, and gives the option to mark those that the user wants to delete in case, of course, there is no backup on the computer. This is a relatively useless part of the program, since similar things can be done in iOS Settings itself; still, not something that compromises you in any way.

In the end, I managed release more than 2GB on the iPhone 5c and 1.2GB on the iPadwithout losing important files or apps. On devices whose actual usable space is close to 12GB, this is an extremely welcome breath of fresh air, especially if it comes from an easy-to-use and non-intrusive app.

iMyfone Umate cone

IMyfone Umate is available on the developer's website for $ 30 h a version trial well capped, which allows you to clean the useless files only once, compress the five most recent photos and display an app in the application administrator. The price can be salty, but if you have space problems in your loved one iGadget, it is very worth it.

And you know what's even more worth it? Take advantage of his temporary promotion (Mac version, Windows version) with 50% off, leaving for only $ 15! ?

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