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Upcoming iPhones – all of them – could win screen with True Tone technology, analysts point out

If you've ever had a 9.7-inch iPad Pro in your hands, you should know that the technology True Tone much nicer in person than described by text. The problem is that the feature, which adjusts the color temperature according to the brightness of the environment and makes the screen look much more natural, is only available on this specific model of the Apple tablet and not found even in his brother over 12 , 9 ?. The iPhones, then, they don't even dream about technology at least for now.

Concept of ?IPhone 8 / X / Edition? concept

I say this because, according to a group of analysts from Barclays bank, Ma's next generation of smartphones finally win screens True Tone and when I say next generation, I mean all the models that, it seems, will be presented in the second half, including the likely "IPhone X" and also the supposed "7s / 7s Plus" (at least what the analysts say, in this case).

Although this is the first time that the presence of technology has been speculated on Ma's next smartphones, the rumor undeniably makes perfect sense: the feature was announced with great pomp and circumstance by Apple on the launch of the 9.7 iPad Pro ?, And very well received by all specialized publications; that is, its introduction on the smaller screens of iPhones would certainly be just a matter of time.

It is also worth noting that placing the True Tone specifically on a possible ?iPhone X? it would bring an extra benefit, considering that the special model will most likely come with an OLED panel. As this screen technology brings improved color contrast and the possibility to completely erase specific pixels, an OLED display with technology True Tone it would certainly be a differentiator for both Apple and a good reason for consumers to choose Ma's future option in the face of certain formidable competitors. To be?

(via 9to5Mac)