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To put it in perspective: Windows 10 is (only?) Four times more popular than the Mac as a whole

Don't get it wrong. For a long time, the Apple together with all those who like to accompany the universe of information technology and technology, has discouraged trying to compete with Microsoft for a more significant market share in the segment of ?complete? operating systems (thing, incidentally, which is also reflected in the world of smartphones but, in this case, the competitor Google). However, in any case, some numbers are interesting to analyze the performance of both companies, considering their specific ambitions.

MacBook Air

Today, Ma revealed to the TechCrunch, in the midst of all that highly strange and unexpected conversation for the Cupertino priests, which exist 100 million active Mac users worldwide. The number includes all machines running some version of OS X macOS on our planet, that is, we are talking about a very broad perspective. On the other hand, Microsoft has announced for some time that the number of users of the Windows 10 and it has already reached 400 million worldwide.

Depending on how you compare this information, the advantage may be with one company or another. Yes, of course we are talking about a specific version released less than 3 years ago from an operating system against a whole line of computers sold over 15 years ago (considering the origin of Mac OS X, in this case). Yes, of course Macs tend to have a much longer life span, so the total number of machines running the system drops even more, since the exchange is not so constant. Yes, of course this is yet another demonstration of the (still) impressive power of Windows.

Still, it is still a remarkable landmark that Windows 10 is four times more popular than the Mac, considering that, historically, the domination of the platform Microsoftiana terrifying. And, obviously, we have to consider that the money that Apple makes with its computers basically comes from selling hardware, while the giant Uncle Bill Ballmer Satya has software as its main source of revenue.

My main point here: there is still space for the Mac in the world. Apple itself made a point of reiterating this at today's meeting earlier, perhaps because it realized that it reached a point where its carelessness regarding the computer line had reached unsustainable levels, and we have several reasons to believe it when it says that updates will arrive soon and the most advanced users will be satisfied once again.

Yes, it can be all bullshit like ?don't leave me, I promise I'll get better?, but at least the indications are positive. We will wait for the scenes of the next chapters.

(tip from @robsonpolice)