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The 24 best iPhone apps for a new user

Have you purchased a new iPhone and are unsure which apps can make a difference? Check out our list of essential apps for a new iPhone

If you have one iPhone, but recently left Android, finding the ideal apps for your day to day is no easy task. After all, there is a range of options, of all ways and functions, and, with the App Store still displaying advertisements in some search results, it is even more difficult to discern which applications are the best.

Fortunately, we Showmetech we did the heavy lifting and separated the chaff from the wheat. Here you will find a list of applications that can help a lot in leisure and even work hours. Check out:



An iPhone on a wood with the Netflix logo on the screenNetflix perhaps one of the most popular apps in the world

THE Netflix revolutionized the way we consume entertainment and a great order for all hours. Even if you do not yet have an account with the streaming service, we recommend that you test the free 30 day period to see if you like the films, series and documentaries it has to offer.

Other streaming platforms, such as HBO Go and Prime VideO they are good alternatives for those looking for specific catalogs and original series.


Youtube icon highlighted on an iPhone application screenYoutube is the most popular video platform in the world

It is also a good idea to install the YouTube to see content. There are thousands of great quality channels that post new videos every week.

You can watch productions about games, music, movies, books and most any imaginable hobby without difficulty. It also features cloud storage and a monthly membership fee, which you can cancel at any time.

Apple TV

The application Apple TV lets you search for content on more than 100 video services. You can find movies and programs, live sports and news. It is available on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV – so you can watch it at home or wherever you want.



O Shazam It is a very interesting application to have on your iPhone, especially if you usually listen to the music you like, but don't know it by name.

With just a few seconds of the pipe playing, Shazam can hear and tell you her name quickly. Then, the app even offers some simple ways to listen or legally purchase the pipe.


Shadow of a highlighted hand holding a cell phone with the Spotify logo. In the background, a banner with Spotify written.Spotify is a good choice for new iPhone users who love music

O Spotify It is one of the best services you can find for your smartphone if you are not already an Apple Music subscriber.

It features millions of well-known artists and music, plus you can create and share playlists with your friends. It is a streaming service that does not necessarily request the purchase of an album to play some of your favorite tracks. Other options like Deezer and the polemic Tidal, rapper and founder Jay Z are also good alternatives.

Apple Music

Want to make the most of Apple's services and applications? So you can probably be interested in Apple Music. This is Apple's music subscription service built into your devices. With it, you can put almost any music you've ever wanted to play.

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music offers a catalog to purchase and, once a single or album has been purchased, the music is available for playback both online and offline.


One more for the fans per song. O GarageBand from Apple turns your iPad and iPhone into a recording studio, so you can create and mix music – or even be a DJ – on the go.


Pandora is a classic music app that is practically a digital radio. that it allows you to create stations with your favorite music, artists or genres. Pioneer, it was one of the first apps in the segment.


Image shows the tip of a finger almost squeezing the cone of the SoundCloud app on a screen SoundCloud an application for those who love news

O SoundCloud a platform for streaming of music and audio with more than 180 million tracks, many of them by independent artists. And he lets you upload audio too. A great option to find and share news.



For those who usually forget their passwords easily, it may be a good idea to have the 1Password installed. With this application you can save and manage all your passwords, in addition to other private information, in a very simple way.

The best that this app offers is great security and is used by millions of other users of iOS devices.

Google Authenticator

Reproduction of the Google Authenticator token screen against a background full of smooth stripes and dotsGoogle Authenticator lets you turn your iPhone into a Token

O Google Authenticator an option for anyone who wants the iPhone as a security token. This allows you to use your cell phone for even more secure 2-step security checks, as it offers unique codes (which expire in a few seconds) for your identification on accounts on various websites.


Another interesting application for those who care about their security is TunnelBear. In general, many people use it as a VPN to access websites as if they were in another country.

And it also serves to protect your iPhone from possible risks with public Wi-Fi networks and other malicious websites that you can browse.



O Todoist It is one of the most popular apps among iOS device users because it is easily one of the best in terms of organizing and creating lists, reminders and tasks.

The cool thing is that you can still sort and organize all notes based on your priorities and depending on the day or week you need to remember them.

Dark Sky

Reproduction of three Dark Sky screens on iPhone. The first showing the current and forecast temperature for the day; the second with location and the third appears with the app's settings.Dark Sky is one of the most complete weather forecast apps available for iPhone

Despite showing great improvements over the years, iOS devices have never had an application specifically for weather forecasting. Therefore, we recommend Dark Sky, which offers a variety of information on the day's forecast and the rest of the week, including alerts on possible sudden changes in the weather.


J the application RedLaser it can be an excellent addition to the iPhone of those who like to find the best price when making their purchases. With this app, you can scan the bar codes of any product to see information about its price in other stores.

Social networks


O Facebook almost need no introduction. probably the most popular social network in the world. Use it to maintain your friendships or simply to view hidden memes from meddlers who spread propaganda.


O Instagram, an application owned by Facebook, a social network dedicated to sharing photos and videos. Perhaps it is the home of influencers and probably has the largest number of gurus and web-celebrities on the internet.


O LinkedIn the social network focused on the professional market. In addition to helping to create an online resume, it aims at networking, promoting job finding, listing vacancies and sharing contacts.


Two iPhones. One showing a single Pinterest post and the other displaying several.Create moodboards and find inspiration with Pinterest

O Pinterest the mecca of DIY. Want to do a lip scrub? It has here. Need Halloween party ideas? There is too! You can explore the more than 100 billion pins in all sections and, in addition, create moodboards to seek inspiration.


This is one of the applications for those eager for news and also for those who seek a latent sense of community. At the Reddit It is possible to discover the main topics of trends, breaking news, viral video clips, funny jokes and hot memes.


O Snapchat similar to Instagram (or would Instagram be similar to Snapchat?). This is another of the apps that has a stories feature, but it is intended to send quick snapshots to friends who are deleted forever when they are viewed, although the sender can always save them for later viewing.


Hand holding iPhone with TokTok logo highlighted.Tik Tok today is the most popular video platform among young people

The basic use of TikTok It is made by users who film videos by synchronizing their lips or performing creative dance steps. Its contents last up to 15 seconds and can be selected from a library of music, effects and sounds to add to the videos. The result? Generation Z's favorite social network.


Well, the Twitter perhaps the social network that has become the cradle of memes. With a character limit, everything is here, all the time, in real time, basically without filters. A limited infinite of possibilities and creativity.



Multiple screens showing different areas of DuolingoDuolingo the favorite application for those who wish to learn new languages

Finally, we have a great option for anyone who wants to learn or is already learning to speak a new language. O Duolingo has classes and lessons in several different languages ??and they are very fun. As it presents a system very similar to a type of game, there is always an incentive to keep coming back and the exercises are never boring.

Do you agree with the list? Do you have any suggestions? Put it here in the comments.