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Swiftmoji, from SwiftKey, is the new emoji predictive keyboard that we all needed

I love emojis. You love emojis. Apple loves emojis. Everyone loves emojis, so much so that the market for software and applications based on the ubiquitous faces is increasingly bubbly. SwiftKey, the Microsoft subsidiary, that launched the Swiftmoji for iOS and Android.

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Despite having some similarities with Emojinn, which we talked about here for a few months, Swiftmoji presents a relatively new way of predicting which emojis the user will possibly want after typing a phrase. The application installs itself as an alternative keyboard on the system; the user types the phrase normally, anywhere, with the keyboard of his choice (it can be the default of iOS or a third party), and then activates Swiftmoji on the globe key. The app then reads the written phrase and shows related emojis so that no one will ever have to go through the terrifying task of browsing through pages and more pages of unwanted stickers.

a different method than the one that Apple will use in iOS 10, in addition to working globally, less intrusive, as it does not replace words; it just complements them, and the developers claim that the phrase recognition and suggestion system for emojis based on artificial intelligence built from the use of SwiftKey; over time, however, the system recognizes the user's personal preferences in terms of emoji and suggests these options first.

The app also offers a tab with the most popular emojis among SwiftKey users, and another with the stickers most used by the user himself. There is also a feature called "Emoji Storm" (?Emoji Storm?), which puts an entire row of suggested emojis at the end of the sentence. It is good to remember that, for everything to work properly, the user needs to allow Swiftmoji to have full typing access on iOS.

Swiftmoji, for now, only supports English and is only available on the American App Store. Still, it is a fun accessory and can please a lot of people especially when they get here, in the land of cat emojis.

(via MacRumors)