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Survey: Apple TV is in 5% of all American households with Wi-Fi

ComScore today released a figure about the penetration of Apple TV in American homes that a priori may seem significant, but then we see that there is still a lot of ground for Ma to conquer.

Generally speaking, being in 5% of all homes with Wi-Fi in the country, it is quite an achievement. That number alone indicates that millions and millions of Apple TVs were sold for there.

But, see how it looks set-top box compared to its competitors:

Apple TV Penetration

O Roku tops the list, with almost four times more participation than Apple TV. Incredibly Amazon Fire TV is in second place, with the accessible Google Chromecast a little ahead of Ma.

Considering that Apple TV is by far the most expensive of all these products, until Ma's position is not so bad. But she needs to start asking herself if her product really delivers something different to the point that consumers choose it, even if it is just a niche for them.

Still according to comScore, conventional live TV continues to dominate the consumption of this content by Americans, representing 84% of the total.

(via 9to5Mac)