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Supposed iPad 2 screen is found; you can't see if it's Retina, but it could be Air [atualizado]

The staff of iFixYouri had access to a ten-inch LCD screen that may be predestined to integrate the second generation iPad. They shared the finding with the 9 to 5 Mac and the result is images that show a thinner, lighter, compact and superior quality component.

Supposed iPad 2 LCD

The thickness of this screen is 1mm less than that of the current iPad (maybe that represents the 35% that Ming-Chi Kuo said?) And that the frame around it is more modest, but unfortunately it was not possible to assess whether there were changes in resolution. There never seems to be a good microscope around when you need one.

Update (2/2 s 10h)

Translating the mark on the back of this screen, one of the readers of 9 to 5 Mac drew the following conclusions about its origin and characteristics: a 9.7-inch screen (duh) with 1024 × 768 pixel H-IPS manufactured by LG Phillips.

Supposed iPad 2 LCD

He didn't even need a microscope.