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Scrivener, an amazing storytelling app, arrives on iOS

If you want to follow that list of things you need to do before you ?kick your boots?, write a book one of the most laborious items, for sure. Anyone who has tried knows that it is a little frustrating to look at the blank text editor, without any idea it seems that the more we try, the less ideas come. Or maybe you have so many ideas that you get lost in the huge mess of notes here and there.

For these and other situations, there is the application Scrivener, which has now reached iOS.

Mac iOS Scrivener

The structure of the application allows the user to find texts much more easily. They are divided into ?projects?, and they can be partitioned in different ways, for example, a folder only for the characters of a story, another for the places, one only for drafts or ideas, etc. When selecting a folder, cards referring to the texts appear and you can write a brief description (like a file) the ?table? where the cards appear is called ?Corkboard?.

There are also many templates I go from fictional to non-fictional (academic work, for example) which is great for anyone who doesn't know where to start. One of the app's strengths allows you to attach any file within it: PDF, website, image, etc. So, you can do your searches and save them where all the notes for them are. Something very interesting is that all documents can have a "label" (chapter, scene) and a "status" (draft, task, revised) and you can edit them however you want.

The focus of the app is to write books and publish them easily, but the organization it provides makes you want to do everything in it: notes to study, an entire CBT, blog posts, scripts, poetry, lyrics, recipes and the more you need to write down randomly to create a bigger content later. In it, the process of brainstorming it becomes very intuitive; you can ?disorganize? to ?organize? (as the poet Chico Science ? already sang) and connect all the notes so that it is easy to find and consult them when you really need to write.

Mac version fans eagerly waited for their mobile version, but thought it might come with less resources. Fortunately, the people at Literature and Latte (incidentally, I love that name) managed to get most of the great tools transported to iOS with mastery: note cards, character drafts, description of places, research notes, notes of footer, comments and many others.

The resource ?Corkboard? only available for iPad and Mac, since more screen space is needed. Another interesting tool that only has on the Mac the ability to simultaneously edit two parts of the same text. On the other hand, something that only the mobile version has and a hand on the wheel is the way to zoom the text with the movement of the page. You can increase and decrease the font for reading without worrying about the original font size and without having to scroll the screen, as all text becomes responsive.

At the end of your project, export is simple and diverse; It is possible to ?compile? in DOC, ODT, RTF, PDF, HTML, EPUB, MOBI, various types of Markdown, among others. The synchronization between devices is done from Dropbox and this also includes its version for Windows. It is an ?extra? option to use iTunes to copy projects between devices.

Scrivener for Mac is in version 2.8 (with free update for 2.0 users) and can be obtained on the website in reais by R $ 162 or the Mac App Store by $ 45. Your iOS version can be purchased from the App Store for $ 20. The price may seem salty, but surely those who buy it do not regret it and also do not use it only once.

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