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Rumor: say “hello” to new MacBooks Pro and “goodbye” to the white MacBook

According to the French blog MacGeneration (Google Translate), the next update of MacBooks Pro will be fantastic: the machines will have more battery life, higher resolution screens, will be lighter and will have SSDs to boot Mac OS X at a glance. "Yes, but we already know that through other rumors!", You can say, but this confirmation adds some juicy details.

MacBook Pro mockup made of Liquidmetal

The 13 ? MacBook Pro, for example, can win a third USB port, as opposed to a screen matte, a Core i3 processor, a display with 1440 × 900 pixels and a battery with 12 hours of autonomy half a whole day! The bigger brothers will have the option of exchanging the SuperDrive for an additional SSD and, while the 15 ? MacBook Pro will have a 1680 × 1050 pixel screen, a third USB port and a battery with 10 hours of autonomy, the 17 ? should come with 8GB of RAM per standard and a faster processor. Oh, and they?ll all have ?new technology?, God knows what that means Light Peak, Liquidmetal, Magic Nutella at this point, it could be anything.

All very good, right? Right. But if you are a fan of the small white MacBook, I have a bad news: the same source indicates that it should be discontinued would be the abolition of plastic in the housing of Ma's computers. Are we facing the end of an era?

(via 9 to 5 Mac)