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Rumor: MacBook Pro lineup is imminent [atualizado]

It doesn't seem like it, but the last update on the MacBooks Pro line took place 300 days ago, on April 13, 2010. Its average cycle of 208 days, so it's already more than time for an update.

MacBooks Pro aside with game

O 9 to 5 Mac today revealed that stocks of all models of MBPs with the exception of the more complete 13 ? are tight, and raises the chance that Apple will announce a new generation of professional laptops later this week.

The date has not been confirmed, but the site speculates that we will have news this Wednesday, February 9. Stay tuned!

Update (s 18h12)

To warm things up a little more, 9 to 5 Mac has now published photos of Best Buy's stock system showing a supposed new MBP model scheduled for March 11, starting at $ 1,200.

Unless the busier models have a price reduction, it is possible that the new line will remain with the same structure as the current one.