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Rumor: “iPhone 8” bezel may use enhanced stainless steel version of Apple Watch

New week, new rumors.

Today, it was the Japanese's turn MACBlog to bring (Google Translate) supposed additional details about the iPhones that we will see launched in the second half of this year.

In topics:

  • As other recent rumors have said, both the front and the rear of the ?iPhone 8? (or ?iPhone Edition?, or ?iPhone X?) will use curved, reinforced 2.5D glass.
  • Among the glasses, Apple must use an enhanced stainless steel version of the Apple Watch.
  • The new iPhone will continue with the dual lens system that we know today in the 7 Plus, but these will now be positioned vertically. I didn't understand why so far, but the website mentions something related to virtual reality, that is, they would be positioned horizontally when the iPhone is positioned inside VR glasses.
  • The incorporation of the Touch ID below the screen is still uncertain, since this is already given as ?right? the Home button (Home) to vanish.

O MACBlog he also mentioned that the ?iPhones 7s / 7s Plus?, also expected for this year, should be a little thicker than the current ones, that is, current cases would not be compatible with the new ones.

We still have many months ahead, my friends ?

(via 9to5Mac)