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Rumor: Apple is planning two new stores for Brazil, including a "flagship" in São Paulo

Of the nearly 500 physical Apple stores around the world, we currently have 2 at the Brazil The Apple VillageMall, opened in Rio de Janeiro in February 2014, and the Apple Morumbi, which opened its doors two years ago in So Paulo. Soon, this number may double.

In a report on a future major store that Apple would be planning for Mexico City, the AppleInsider he quoted at the end exactly the following:

Apple is also considering an expansion in Brazil. Company representatives will decide on the opening of two more stores in the country, including one flagship in So Paulo, at the end of 2017, one person said. ()

The shops "Flagship" they are basically the most important for the company, larger (many have two or three floors) and, most of the time, are on the street. It has long been speculated that the ideal location for one of these in So Paulo would be Av. Paulista, but there is no concrete indication that this will actually happen.

About the ?end of 2017? they mentioned, a deadline too tight for us to think about opening the store. Just for you to have an idea, the MacMagazine first announced that Apple would open a store at MorumbiShopping in November 2013, and it was only opened to the public in April 2015. and they would actually be ready sometime in 2019.

Such a second Mexican store will also be a "Flagship", according to AppleInsider, and probably occupy a two-story area inside the Antara Fashion Hall, which was previously owned by Crate & Barrel. She?s supposed to be twice the area of ??the beautiful Apple Va Santa Fe, opened in September last year, and looks similar to the Apple World Trade Center in New York.