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ResearchKit is used for the first time by a major pharmaceutical company

It has been just over a year since the ResearchKit it was launched and, according to the figures released, 50 researchers and 100 thousand participants have already contributed to the studies that have already been developed by him. Several studies on diseases such as diabetes, asthma, autism, among many others were able to gather more data thanks to Apple's initiative.

This time, ResearchKit reached the pharmaceutical industry with the company GlaxoSmithKline (or GSK) and its study on the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, named GSK PARADE (Patient Rheumatoid Arthritis Data from the Real World, something like ?Data from real patients with rheumatoid arthritis?).

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Created together with Medidata and POSSIBLE Mobile, the application will help in collecting information from 300 participants in three months, monitoring them and obtaining enough data to help in the manufacture of more efficient drugs for the treatment of the disease. Patients will need to regularly record how they are feeling physically (pain) and emotionally (mood). The application, created from ResearchKit, starts with a guided wrist exercise that uses the iPhone's sensors to capture movements, making it possible to detect a pattern for all users.

Using the framework from Apple, surveys (which would normally take a lot of time and money) can be done at a much lower cost and reach many more people. Not to mention, of course, the practicality that the patients themselves will have because they do not always have to travel from their homes to go to the doctor.

Our goal is to involve the patient in such a way that research is part of their daily lives instead of using the traditional method, which requires the patient to go to the doctor's office. By making research as easy and accessible as possible for patients, we have the potential to transform the way we conduct research in the future and thereby improve patient health.

Rob DiCicco, vice president of clinical innovation at GSK.

As the Patently Apple, the risks of researching in this way that the participants may get tired of manually filling in the data in the application; the sample can also include only patients with more purchasing power taking into account that it is necessary to have an iPhone to participate.

Either way, both sides end up benefiting a lot: the pharmaceutical company can carry out its studies in an effective and cheaper way; Apple already receives a lot of attention for contributing to these initiatives.

The GSK PARADE, which for now is only available in the United States, can be downloaded from the American App Store.