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Receive all the contents of the Connected World by our Telegram group!

If you like the Connected world, wants constant updates on tech and trends from the world of technology and uses the Telegram as a messaging app, something new has arrived! Since today, we have a group in this application!

All news, articles, analyzes and videos published in Mundo Conectado automatically go to this group, as a personal news feed – without having to go to your smartphone's search app and search the website. We have an Instant View template in development, but it is still under Telegram approval. We will notify you of this publication when it is ready and soon the group members will be able to preview the contents within the Telegram itself!

Not a discussion group! It is exclusively for sending updates!

Another important issue that this group not open for discussions, that is, participants cannot chat with each other. It focused exclusively on the receiving updates straight from the website.

And, for those who do not have Telegram installed, but want to receive notifications anyway, there is no way out (at the moment): you can search for the application on Google Play Store and App Store from Apple to download it. After that, I need to:


It also allows you to verify that the code on GitHub is exactly the same code that was used …

1) Register your phone number 2) Create your profile (photo and name) 3) Choose the language in which you prefer to use the application; e4) Give the necessary permissions.

Voil, now you can enter on this link and ask to join the group! We hope that you, Online, participate!

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