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Realistic mockup shows us what the “iPhone X” might look like, based on recent rumors

Recently, we have been following rumors of the most diverse about the next iPhones. Names, formats, colors, materials, technologies and so on.

Martin Hajek, designer famous for his mockups Realistic 3D, worked with the German vehicle COMPUTER BILD in renders which gives us a good idea of ??what we might see coming up soon with the ?iPhone X? (or whatever you want to call it).

Specifically, what draws attention to this concept is the recently raised idea that, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the iPhone to be launched in 2017 would bring several elements of the first generation. Hajek had the beautiful idea of ??including the original wallpaper of the clown fish ( there Nemo).

None of this is official, so it is difficult to know exactly what to get out of Cupertino. But, at least in the designer's view, the front of the new iPhone would have a screen that occupies even more its useful area than the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a frame only on the top, for the camera and the speaker.

What about? ?

(via iClarified)