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Quick tip: how to put your iPhone to recharge without making a noise or vibrating

Like every iPhone owner (in fact, almost any smartphone), I have to put the device on to recharge at night, before bed. If I don't do that, I risk waking up and by the end of the morning I will have to run for an outlet. So, it is customary to leave the iPhone recharging on the nightstand while I sleep.

iPhone with Lightning cable (recharging)

I don't know how it is at home, but here at mine, I often do this ritual (put the iPhone to recharge) after my wife has already fallen asleep. Fortunately, she does not sleep so lightly, otherwise she could wake up to the sound the device makes when connected to the cable. And there is no escape: if you put the iPhone to vibrate, obviously it will not emit the sound, but the vibrating engine will report that you have put the iPhone to recharge and that can also make a light sleeper wake up.

Today's tip is to prevent the iPhone from making any noise or vibrating at this time. How? very simple: before pricking the cable on the iPhone, slide your finger from right to left on the locked screen of the device to open the Camera app. Okay, now you can connect the cable that nothing (sound or vibration) will happen. Then just touch the Home button to return to the home screen.

It is not a tip of the ones that * all * you will enjoy; on the other hand, it costs nothing to share it. Light sleepers are grateful. ?

(via Mac Kung Fu)