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Plan your trips with this app and don't miss any tourist spots

Traveling really can bring some problems, even if it is a leisure trip. Maybe you have little time and want to visit as many tourist spots as possible. So, you get information about places on the internet and write them down point by point, but when you get there, it happens that the place is not open or you spend too much time in one and forget that you planned to be in another at the same time.

The application Tripbook, developed by Brazilians Pedro Albuquerque and Gabriel Cavalcante, can help you plan better and offer information about the places you want to go.

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With a very beautiful, colorful and well-organized interface, the app offers the user a way to plan and organize trips. To add a new location, simply select from the list or enter any other. Once you find it, you set the date and return, and the app shows you only the days you will be in place for you to plan each one. Soon after, you can choose from the most famous tourist spots or type in yourself a specific place you want to find. On each page you will have valuable information such as telephones, operating times and even user reviews.

At each attraction and tourist spot you select, you need to choose the time you want to arrive and leave. Even if you forget, a notification will let you know that you need to be in the place you planned for that time. For now, it is not possible to plan the transit time (which would be great), so when you get organized, consider this. It is also possible to share your trip planning through a code generated by the app.

Ah! And you, who want to attend the Olympics, will love to know that the games are already available to be selected as attractions! You can access which are available each day, their schedules and information. If you forgot to buy the ticket, don't worry: there is a link to the purchase page in the app itself.

Tripbook is available on the App Store for free and also supports Apple Watch. ?