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Obvious rumor: new Apple Watch is expected to be unveiled by the end of the year, with the Series 2 taking the line's entry position

Apparently, the strategy of launching a new version of a product and continuing with its predecessor selling at a lower price is the new rule of thumb in Cupertino, and everything should continue this way for a long time to come. A really new rumor, good to add about the Apple Watch corroborates this theory perfectly: according to the DigiTimes, which cites sources close to Apple's supply chain in Asia, Ma will present a new version of the watch by the end of the year, while the current top-of-the-line family, the Series 2, be transformed into the entry option.

Wet Apple Watch Series 2 models

With the introduction of the new model that common sense tells us that it should be called ?Series 3?, but we do not bet all the chips on this and the reallocation of the proposal for the current Series 2, Series 1 would be discontinued for good. The report does not state what the fate of the special editions we have today, such as the Apple Watch Edition, O Herms it's the Nike +, but the natural thing would be that these models were also updated to gain the hardware of the new generation.

Speaking of hardware, by the way, a point where the news is not very optimistic in relation to the news of this new model: according to the guys, the ?Series 3? would be basically focused on improvements in battery autonomy and in the processing capacity of Apple Watch, without bringing in a new design or other features, like LTE if this sounds exactly like the leap the Series 2 made over the original watch, because perhaps Apple is satisfied with the gradual progress of its youngest product line.

And, apparently, who is also satisfied with the consumer, considering that Apple is supposed to start producing Apple Watches with another automaker in Asia from the next generation. Still according to the DigiTimes, Ma assigned the responsibility to produce the ?Series 3? How much, an assembler that is in charge of the production of all Cupertinian watches today. The assembly of the Series 2, however, would pass to a new partner, the Compal Electronics, thus allowing the devices to be produced in greater quantity and more quickly a sign that at least something is working in the Apple Watch sales strategy.

Therefore, if you are thinking of surrendering to Ma's dress, it may be a good idea to wait a few months to get the most complete current model for a lower price or maybe move on to an even more advanced version. Let us wait.

(via iDownloadBlog)