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New orkut? Creator of the old social network bet on a new one, hello!

Having a great ?easy? idea, it's really hard to invest in it so that everything gets off the ground; watching your creation make a huge success, sink / die and then take a chance on another one even more difficult. This, however, is a problem for big names in the digital area. This time I'm talking about Turkish engineer Orkut Bykkkten, who worked for Google and created Orkut (yes, that Brazilian-dominated social network that was disabled in September 2014 in favor of Google+).

The network was full of communities (which often served to give people indirect information), texts that appeared in their timeline without any approval full of GIFs and served to resume several friendships (even if virtually). And what is Orkut (the person, not the network) back in? Meet the hello, which debuted today in Brazil.

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It is a simple app, something that we speak every day in the most varied languages ??(this is the proposal). The app, in a way, rescues the concept of Orkut communities: bringing together people with the same interest. Now play a pinch of Instagram (visual, navigation) and you have the hello.

When entering the social network, you answer a series of questions that will help to direct the predominant content of your timeline. I chose topics related to sports (like running and exercise in general gym), gadgets, nerd content, coffee lovers travel. As I still had no friends to add the network, it was not available in Brazil, yet, my timeline was filled with photos related to these five themes.

It is worth mentioning that I managed to get into hello before, because I have a phone number in the USA, she asks for a confirmation code sent to her number, and Brazil was not included in the list yet.

hello, new social network

An interesting thing that should encourage many people to use the social network is the concept of gamificationof the application, in which you earn points and climb the ranking by enjoying photos, commenting, adding friends, etc. You already see the score going up to each one you do.

As I said, hello has an Instagram footprint, but it also has a slight hint of Snapchat when it comes to publishing a photo, you can put text in the middle of the image, play with filters, etc.

hello, new social network

It is not yet possible to publish videos on the network, but I believe that this is just a matter of time. An interesting thing for your photo to be relevant is to add to which "group" it belongs at the time of publication. Those groups that you chose at the beginning are highlighted, but if the image does not fit into any of them you can go to the general list and choose someone (for example, party lover, party lover) selfie, among other options).

hello, new social network

The part to invite friends is not yet integrated with other social networks and I don't even know if I will be able to do that depends more on the will of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. This does not prevent you from sending hello invitations to your contacts stored on your cell phone, inviting someone by email or searching directly for the person's name.

And what about a type of ?horscope? in the middle of the social network? I'm not sure what Mr. Orkut believes, but by answering 60 questions you get a badge to be connected to your profile. I, for example, became ?Elementalist?.

hello, new social network

And, will you embark on this social network? What is your ?sign? hello?