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New line of Mobile PowerVR GPUs to bring greater graphics power to handsets

Imagination Technologies this week announced a new generation of its line of graphics processors PowerVR, used in the production of the A4 chip used in iPads, iPhones and iPods touch. Known as Srie 6 (codename Rogue), the new GPUs in the line can be up to 100 times faster than the previous ones used by Apple.

Imagination Technologies

In addition to the enormous performance power, the PowerVR GPUs announced this week offer very discreet energy consumption: they use no more than a milliwatt of power, so they can be beneficial even for battery life in future smartphones and tablets. With their computing power, we can expect new game development technologies to bring a greater level of realism to operating systems.

Imagination's new products are expected to be implemented in gadgets for the market in three months. Apple is a shareholder in this company and must be contributing to its development (for the benefit of iGadgets, of course), but the PowerVR Srie 6 line will be available to almost any hardware manufacturer that is not based on NVIDIA's Tegra platform.

(via Electronist)