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Microsoft Pix is ​​a new app that promises to take better photos than the iPhone's native camera

We are really in a new era for Microsoft, and it includes a nice investment in iOS apps. Recently, we saw the arrival of Word Flow, SharePoint and s to name / link some.

At the beginning of the year, the Redmond giant had already ventured into a photo app: Microsoft Selfie. Now she is (quite) going, with the Pix.

Microsoft Xis Camera app icon

In short, this new app promises to take better photos than the iPhone's (or iPad's) native camera. It does this using algorithms and artificial intelligence when capturing images, ensuring that the user has the best possible result on their hands.

Pix makes special exposure optimizations when it detects people in photos and also offers the user the option of saving an image. ?Live Photo? specifically when it detects some interesting movement in the capture.

As a result of the work of the Microsoft Research team, Pix will also soon be coming to Android.

(via Recode)