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McAfee survey shows that malware for Macs increased 744% (!) In 2016

Malicious software appears all the time and, unfortunately, Mac users are not free of it. On the contrary: as the last one shows McAfee Threat Report, the malware focused on macOS grew more than 744% in 2016, with approximately 460 thousand detected threats.

MacOS malware

Despite this, the outlook is not as bad as it seems. Even though it is a very expressive number, it gets to be comforting when compared to that of Windows and Android systems. Last year alone, * 600 million * threats were detected, of which around 15 million were malware for mobile devices almost all being for Android.

Another factor that calms us that most new malware found are the so-called adware, those softwares that make machines more susceptible to ads but do not offer real risks to them. Still, of course, there are more serious ones like the one that appeared in January infecting machines through Safari and Mail, the malware that took advantage of Microsoft Word macros, among others.

As always good to remember, the recommendation is that you install applications and download files only from trusted sources (such as the Mac App Store, the official website of developers / companies, etc.). It is not essential, but it is also an option to have an application that scans and detects malware/ other malicious programs.

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Incidentally, soon we will have another help to reinforce security. That's because the cybersecurity company F-Secure just purchased the Little Flocker app, created by Apple's recent hired Jonathan Zdziarski.

The company announced the purchase on its website, stating that the app will now be part of a new security product called XFENCE.

Little Flocker protects Macs using advanced behavior analysis and monitors applications that attempt to access sensitive files and system resources. It also detects and blocks ransomwares for Macs. F-Secure will build the next generation of Little Flocker in its new XFENCE technology, which will complement endpoint at F-Secure to offer advanced protection for Mac business and home users.

With Little Flocker, the company hopes to further improve its products so that they can prevent attacks more effectively.

(via 9to5Mac, MacRumors)