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MagicWand “connects” Magic Trackpad to Apple's Bluetooth keyboard

For those who have already gotten used to the Magic Trackpad for desktops, use their gestures with the common point-and-click functions of a perfect mouse, since several applications built today for Mac OS X Snow Leopard take advantage of its technologies very well multi-touch. Given its combination with the Apple Bluetooth keyboard, there are those who would like to keep the two accessories together on the table, in order to unify the workspace.

In order to serve these users, Twelve South created the MagicWand, a very simple to configure extension that connects the Magic Trackpad to the Apple wireless keyboard, which today goes as standard on each iMac built by it. With the accessory, the two peripherals look just like one on your desk, which is interesting for work ergonomics and, especially, for controlling a Mac from your living room sofa, if you use it as media center.

MagicWand is priced at $ 30 and, for now, is available for free shipping in the United States.

(via MacStories)