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MacBooks remain in strong demand in early 2011

It is common for sales expectations of notebook manufacturers to decrease somewhat over the holidays, but so far, newspapers specializing in the supply line of these companies indicate that Apple remains in strong demand for its MacBooks. In order to keep pace with the market, the company would have doubled its production capacity for some models in the past few weeks.

New MacBooks Air from the front

The market expects notebook sales to drop 10% this quarter from the previous quarter, however, as MacBooks will continue to sell well, it is likely that it will be well above the industry's average sales. Among the best selling models would be the MacBooks Air, the last ones that have been updated by Apple.

Along with it, Samsung also has a strong demand for its most popular notebooks. In January, the market listed it as Apple's main rival, which appears to be happening even in practice.

(via AppleInsider)