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MacBook Air expected to be first to receive new line of chips from Intel

After a long delay, the Sandy Bridge line of the processor giant will go to the production lines of some manufacturers this month, but one of them will not be Ma. Currently dependent on Core 2 Duo processors for its more modest MacBooks, Apple should migrate their notebooks to the next Intel architecture in the middle of this year, which will still be a few months after the start of production of laptops based on the new technology.

MacBooks Air with Sandy Bridge

It is estimated that the MacBook Air will be the first to benefit from the upgrade to the Sandy Bridge line, which would result in 11 and 13 inch models using chips like the Core i3 and i5. In this case, the machines will gain greater computing and graphics processing power, since Intel's integrated hardware has improved to the point that there is no need to resort to NVIDIA alternatives.

In addition to the MacBook Air, other Apple notebooks are also expected to receive changes, but it is not known whether they will include Intel's new line of CPUs or whether it will turn around before the new ultraportables.

(via CNET)