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J.D.Power: New Survey of Satisfaction with Tablet Users Puts Microsoft ahead of Apple for the First Time

When the subject consumer satisfaction, Apple seems to have a good leadership history either in smartphones (although Samsung is on its tail) or smartwatches. The situation, however, is a little different among tablets, where Ma has been taken out of first place on two occasions; in one by the same Samsung and in the other, unlikely by Amazon.

Now, again, in the latest ranking of the respected research firm J.D. Power, Tim Cook and his gang see their tablets being passed over by a formidable competitor: Microsoft.

J.D.Power Consumer Satisfaction Survey, 2017

The Surfaces the Redmond giant led the satisfaction survey with 855 points out of 1,000 possible; the iPads came soon after, with 849 points, and the Samsung once again much near Ma came in third, with 847 points.

The three giants were the only ones to position themselves above the segment's average satisfaction, which was 841 points. Below that, came LG (836 points), Amazon (834), Acer (814) and ASUS (812). The survey was conducted between October and December 2016, with 2,238 owners of tablets whose devices had less than a year of use.

For Vice President of J.D. Power, Jeff Conklin, the victory is explained by the line's ability to ?expand what a tablet can do?, highlighting its versatility when working both as traditional tablets or as laptops. It is interesting to note that, among the factors in which Surfaces were best evaluated, we have some traditional strengths of Apple, such as design and build quality.

Another interesting data has to do with the keyboard accessories offered by most tablet manufacturers today: while the Surface sees a usage rate of these extras at around 50%, the average of the rest of the industry of only 14% is a sign of that, perhaps, the ?Pro? in the name of the most expensive iPads is still not living up to what the machine can really do.

It is good to note that Apple has the habit of using these searches from J.D. Power in the advertisements of its devices that when they lead the rankings, obviously. with this reverse result, it is expected that Ma will invest even more in its next generation of tablets so that it can return to the first place in future research. what we hope for, at least.

(via MacRumors)