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iSuppli Estimates iPhone 4 CDMA Manufacturing Cost: $ 178.45

ISuppli today released its estimate regarding the cost of manufacturing the iPhone 4 CDMA, analyzing the list of components used in the gadget. The amount reached was US $ 171.35 in components of the 16GB model, plus US $ 7.10 in labor, totaling US $ 178.45. This manufacturing cost would be less than the iPhone 4 GSM estimated in June last year, at US $ 187.51.

iPhone 4 free from Verizon Wireless

How to explain this, given the fact that the components for a CDMA phone are naturally more expensive and the iPhone without a contract at Verizon costs more than at AT&T? Two things must be taken into account: 1. six months is a good time to make components cheaper (in other words, the GSM device must be cheaper still), and 2. Apple has been optimizing to reduce costs.

"With the iPhone 4 CDMA, Apple has shown once again that it never recycles the design of a product," said Andrew Rassweiler, senior director of disassembly services at iSuppli. ?Apple's new designs always show changes, evolution and optimization. This approach is evident not only in the design of the antenna, but also in items such as the integrated GPS functionality and the reduction of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module. ?

The main changes of the iPhone CDMA were the placement of an additional dividing point of the antenna (whose upper portion is now dedicated to GPS), the use of baseband Qualcomm's MDM6600 (which integrates CDMA and GPS communication) and a miniaturized version of the Murata Wi-Fi module.

It is worth remembering that these values ??do not take into account software development costs, sales structure, royalties, research, patent publishing, marketing, distribution, sleepless nights, scolding by Steve Jobs, antidote to Jony Ive and hay for unicorns whose tears polish the glass.

(via MacRumors)