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iOS 10 will bring good news for those who love animated GIFs / videos

Among the new Apple operating systems that will reach the hands of the public soon, without a doubt the iOS 10 which brings more news and you?ve already followed many of them in our screenshot compilations:

One of the novelties that we have not yet highlighted, but that will greatly improve the experience is the way iOS 10 treats the famous and loved ones GIFs.

Nothing to change the behavior of the system for / with .gif. Currently, many of the GIFs that we see around, in fact, are videos encoded in modern standards such as H.264, duly identified in the code as an element . This is because they are twice as efficient (energy expenditure) and up to 12 times more economical (bandwidth consumption). However, when using this format, iOS does not show the animation automatically on a web page after all, they are only videos, requiring user interaction (touching the play icon) to get everything started. Worse, when interacting, the GIF is played as a full-screen video (full screen), something standard in the way that iOS handles this media.

With the arrival of iOS 10, that change. GIFs that use these more modern encoding standards will now automatically play on the page. And the best: inline, without occupying the entire screen of the iGadget. They will only be reproduced while in a visible area of ??the page; when they are no longer visible, they will be paused to preserve the battery.

And don't worry, only videos / GIFs with the autoplay attribute will be automatically played, which will be muted. This means that if, even with the autoplay attribute, if the video has no sound reproduced without user interaction, say goodbye to those annoying / invasive advertisements that appear on certain websites.

Want examples? Read this post by your iGadget running iOS 9 (or a lower version).

To see the GIF above you had to touch the play button, didn't you? Well, in Safari on iOS 10 it runs fine here, in the middle of the post, without you having to do anything. ?

All of this and more was described by Jer Noble, a software engineer at Apple, on the WebKit blog. If it is of interest to you, it is worthwhile to go there and read everything.

(via MacRumors)