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Intel finds design flaws in some Sandy Bridge chipsets; recall on the way

Bad news for enthusiasts of the new Sandy Bridge processor line: a design flaw in the Intel 6 Cougar Point chipsets has been discovered and not only will sales be disrupted, as components that have already hit the market should be received in a recall.

Sandy Bridge

Fortunately, the problem is not critical: it has to do with the ports of the SATA controller, which can degrade over time, leading to losses in the performance of components that make use of this interface (HDDs, optical drives, etc.). So don't panic: if your machine uses a Core i5 / i7 Sandy Bridge (on the market since January 9), the recall it must be put into effect before something serious happens its precious. Intel expects that only a small number of consumers will be affected by the manufacturers problem, on the other hand, they should end up with a beautiful pineapple in their hands.

By the end of February, chipsets should be free of this defect and production will be back to normal in April. I think this will have a very negative impact on future updates of the Mac lines

(via Engadget)