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iMacs remain subject to an update this week, along with MacBooks Pro

With the entire market waiting for an update to the MacBooks Pro line, the DigiTimes has come up against an old issue, which still remains on the agenda: new iMacs are likely to accompany Apple launches in its family of professional notebooks. In fact, speculation started with them in late January.

21.5-inch iMac viewed from the side

Apple takes the MacBook Pro hardware as the basis for building the most basic models of the iMac, so they are likely to have similar processor options (based on the Sandy Bridge architecture, whose chips started shipping this week) and dedicated graphics. It has also been talked about for a long time the possibility of the iMac migrating to SSDs and offering screen options with higher resolution than the current ones.

Currently, iMacs can be purchased with Core i3 and i5 chips for 21.5 inch models and Core i3, i5 and i7 chips for 27 inch models. It is believed that current purchase options with i3 processors will leave their space for new ones with i5 chips, which can offer greater performance for a similar price.