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Hitachi produces LCD display that leaves Retina screens on the slipper, but has a little problem…

Hitachi's new display

Look deep into the pixels of your TV or monitor, if they are 720p. He looked? Now try to imagine exactly that amount of pixels squeezed into 4.5 inches. This is what Hitachi announced a few days ago, with an LCD display that makes Retina screens feel old and out of date and look that no competitor had come close to.

The specifications are to be envied: resolution of 720 × 1280 pixels (much higher than the 640 × 960 of Apple), density of 329ppi (3ppi more than the Retina display!) And contrast of 1,100: 1 (against 800: 1 in iPhone). Sounds good? Yes sir!

There is only one annoying thing: this wonderful canvas only goes into production from October. I think this means that in 2012 competing smartphones will have a screen to rival the iPhone 2010.: – /

(via MobileCrunch)