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Graph of the day: how much some companies depend directly on Apple for their business

In the past two weeks alone, two cases have shown how well certain companies directly depend on Apple for your business.

Graphics chip maker Imagination Technologies officially announced that Apple would cease to be its customer within 18-24 months and saw its shares plummet about 70%. A few days later, information obtained by an analyst placed Dialog Semiconductor, which supplies power management chips to Apple, in a similar position, and again, its shares fell significantly.

Taking advantage of these two examples, Statista compiled a graph showing how six companies including Imagination and Dialog depend on Apple:

Apple dependency chart

Yes, apart from Imagination they all have more than 50% of their sales destined for Ma; Dialog is the largest of all, with almost three quarters of the total. I was impressed to see Foxconn on the list, a company that works with virtually all technology giants and employs more than 1.3 million people worldwide.

Interestingly, Apple itself has a ?similar? situation within its product lines. For a long time now, the iPhone alone accounts for more than half of its revenue. Obviously, you must consider that it would never disappear overnight (as it happens in these cases of partnership termination) and that the other half of Apple is also gigantic, generating billions and billions in annual profit for it.

Then, the maxim: ?Never put all your eggs in one basket.?

(via Business Insider)